TIDM,LONG NAME,ISSUER,SHORT NAME,LISTING/ADMISSION TO TRADING,ISIN,TRADING SERVICE,SEDOL,MARKET,SEGMENT,SECTOR,CURRENCY,EXCHANGE MARKET SIZE,COUNTRY OF SHARE REGISTER 91PE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD ORDS TRIPOD TECH 04/10/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,12-Oct-2011,GB00B6WZ2753,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6WZ275,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 82NY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS MUYUAN FOODSTUFF 22/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,29-Jan-2014,GB00BJ8RJP35,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ8RJP3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 17NS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD FED BK 04/12/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,09-Dec-2013,GB00BH3WP621,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BH3WP62,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11JA,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS RELIANCE IND 01/02/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2022,08-Feb-2012,GB00B7D2JL55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7D2JL5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11KQ,MADINET NASR FOR HSG & DVLPMT S.A.E GDR (REPR 4 ORDS) 144A,MADINET NASR FOR HOUSING & DEVELOPMENT S.A.E.,MADINET NASR A,22-Dec-2017,US5565241065,Trade Reporting only,BF6P519,ATT,MISC,INAD,USD,1000,US TAT1,TATUNG CO. LD GDR (EACH REPR 20 SHS) (144A),TATUNG CO. 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BK. CHINA 13/07/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,09-Nov-2012,GB00B46BCW07,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B46BCW0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78KM,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS SHANXI CO. 09/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,18-Oct-2010,GB00B60FJ762,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B60FJ76,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 96WO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD WULIANGYE YIBIN 18/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,29-Jun-2011,GB00B614N816,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B614N81,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 73FO,HSBC BANK PLC MRKT ACC NTS LKD ORD SHS 22/06/2020,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC. BK. 20,21-Jun-2017,XS1636494970,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BDC3P79,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS1F,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS HENAN SHENHUO 06/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B98WLP23,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B98WLP2,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 90TM,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS EICHER MOTORS 22/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,04-Dec-2013,GB00BGSHG403,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSHG40,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 47SB,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD CHINA TRVL SER CORP 23/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,05-Jan-2015,GB00BTN21K23,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTN21K2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS37,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS XINHU ZHONGBAO 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B95F6J35,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95F6J3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2V,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS KINGFA SCI 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B8Y0J937,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8Y0J93,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB GETA,GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY INC GDR (EACH REPR 5 COM SHS) (144A),GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY INC.,GRN EN 144A,03-Aug-2009,US39303W1018,Trade Reporting only,B3XGXB7,ATT,MISC,INAD,USD,1000,US HS4G,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS BAODING 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B8FDF263,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8FDF26,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS68,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS HUBEI ENERGY 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B97GC189,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97GC18,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5W,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD SHANXI LU'AN 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B92FBV32,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B92FBV3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 45ML,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS FAW CAR CO 08/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 19,13-Oct-2010,GB00B5Q79806,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5Q7980,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 63QS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS NMDC 01/08/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,08-Aug-2013,GB00BCV7T405,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BCV7T40,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67MO,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS INDIABULLS HSG 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,26-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8K531,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8K53,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15FX,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD BEIJING KANGDE.26/06/2023,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,26-Jun-2013,GB00BBP6H641,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BBP6H64,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB DGED,DIAGEO PLC ADR (4:1),DIAGEO PLC,DIAGEO ADR,28-Jun-2002,US25243Q2057,Trade Reporting only,2144746,MAINMARKET,MISL,ADPL,USD,5000,US 38CW,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD ZINC (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M ZIN,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2G48,Trade Reporting only,B24F2G4,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 50ZN,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD UPL 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,24-Jun-2014,GB00BNFXC428,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNFXC42,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46NQ,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD A SHRS GF SECS 02/03/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,09-Mar-2011,GB00B54MLX68,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B54MLX6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12IA,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD CATHAY FIN 11/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,18-Oct-2011,GB00B5T15143,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5T1514,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 71KM,HSBC BANK PLC MAWS LKD A ORDS GOERTEK 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,14-Jun-2017,GB00BF2NY659,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF2NY65,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 82XX,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD TO ORD SHS SHREE CEMENT 22/05/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,29-May-2015,GB00BY9D0V86,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BY9D0V8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 33RZ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS PRISM CMNT LTD 09/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,16-May-2014,GB00BMJJP514,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMJJP51,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 58VW,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD CRUDE OIL (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M CRU,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2191,Trade Reporting only,B24F219,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 45YP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD HUAKU DEVELOP 06/01/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.21,28-Jan-2011,GB00B3PXS884,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3PXS88,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 49UL,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD CASTROL IND 20/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,27-May-2014,GB00BMQWRT16,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMQWRT1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67BQ,HSBC BANK PLC MRKT ACC WTS LKD TO ORD A SHS 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,19-Apr-2017,GB00BD0RGW55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BD0RGW5,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 46TS,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ZHEJIANG HUACE FILM&TV 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYKB27,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYKB2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 14YJ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A JIANGSU 07/08/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,14-Aug-2013,GB00BCZQHM71,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BCZQHM7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2L,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA GEZHOUBA 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B9462Y40,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B9462Y4,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 48LJ,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS MONG ENG 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVL95,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVL9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 43AJ,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS LARSEN&TOUBRO LTD 06/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,13-May-2014,GB00BMJ6CQ20,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMJ6CQ2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,EUR,1000,GB 86KG,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS SHRIRAM TRANSPORT 21/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,03-Dec-2013,GB00BGSH2532,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSH253,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46FT,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS TECH MAHINDRA 05/07/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,12-Jul-2013,GB00BC7H8H04,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BC7H8H0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 43DK,ARABIAN FOOD INDUSTRIES COMPANY DOM GDR (EACH REPR 5 ORDS) (144A),ARABIAN FOOD INDUSTRIES COMPANY DOMTY S.A.E.,ARABIAN FOOD A,21-Sep-2016,US03847E1001,Trade Reporting only,BD6F913,ATT,MISC,INAD,USD,1000,EG 46HE,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD SHRS SAM ELC CO 08/02/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,08-Feb-2011,GB00B3QKNC77,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3QKNC7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 70NO,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A ZHENENG ELECTRIC POWER 05/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,12-Jun-2014,GB00BN7PQW24,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BN7PQW2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 91VX,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD LIVE CATTLE (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M CATT,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2647,Trade Reporting only,B24F264,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 96LG,HSBC BANK PLC WTS A SHS GUANGZHOU 23/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,06-May-2011,GB00B3T2ZM42,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3T2ZM4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11PT,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD A ORDS XIAMEN INT 20/09/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,26-Sep-2011,GB00B4T4ZD80,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4T4ZD8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 89VS,X5 RETAIL GROUP N.V GDR EACH REPR 0.25 SHS EUR1144A,X5 RETAIL GROUP N.V,X5 RETAIL,14-Nov-2006,US98387E1064,Trade Reporting only,B07T496,MAINMARKET,MISL,ADPL,USD,1000,US 78JX,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS SHENZHEN FUANNA 31/10/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,07-Nov-2013,GB00BG6MN464,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BG6MN46,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 60BQ,HSBC BANK PLC WNTS LNKD ORD SHS 12/08/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,21-Aug-2014,GB00BQ15V800,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQ15V80,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 71QE,HSBC BANK PLC MKT ACESS WRNTS ORD A SHR 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 20,13-Jun-2017,GB00BF2NXN52,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF2NXN5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0Q,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS TONGLING NONFRRS 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B7XYT224,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7XYT22,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11BU,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD ORD SHS CHINA CNR 06/03/2025,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,13-Mar-2015,GB00BWB8YV54,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWB8YV5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2B,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS PALM LANDSCAPE 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B955DP84,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B955DP8,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS43,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS DELUXE FAM 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B966CK87,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B966CK8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3R,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA AVIC 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B8RH8948,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8RH894,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5C,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS INNER MONGOLIA 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B8FBSL05,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8FBSL0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 17KY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD INDIAN OIL 22/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,06-Dec-2013,GB00BGLNV736,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGLNV73,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75TS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD A ORDS GLODON SOFTWR 13/09/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,21-Sep-2011,GB00B407M353,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B407M35,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB SBIA,STATE BANK OF INDIA GDR (EACH REPR 10 SHS INR1)(144A),STATE BANK OF INDIA,STAT.BK.IND144A,17-Jan-2007,US8565521049,Trade Reporting only,2842277,PSM,MISC,INPE,USD,500,US 82OA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD GUANGDONG EUROPOL 22/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,29-Jan-2014,GB00BJ8RJQ42,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ8RJQ4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 84CV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS IFCI 22/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,04-Dec-2013,GB00BGSHG510,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSHG51,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48SR,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD BRENT CRUDE MICRO,WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD BRENT,11-Jan-2012,JE00B6SCJ466,Trade Reporting only,B6SCJ46,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 11MI,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS NEW CHINA LIFE 06/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,13-Jun-2012,GB00B8L1VM68,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8L1VM6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 70TG,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A SHENZEN AISIDI CO 05/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,12-Jun-2014,GB00BN7PR079,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BN7PR07,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 36ZQ,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS COPPER,WISDOMTREE,ETFS COP,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDB98,Trade Reporting only,B16TDB9,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 46UO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A TIANJIN 25/03/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,01-Apr-2014,GB00BKZH1687,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BKZH168,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 16MK,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD SHS NATCO 23/10/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,28-Oct-2013,GB00BDZTDM55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BDZTDM5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67FN,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS LEAD MICRO SECURITY,WISDOMTREE,ETFS LEAD,16-Nov-2009,JE00B2QXZY55,Trade Reporting only,B2QXZY5,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE HS0G,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A SHENZHEN OVERSEAS 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B8VVK635,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8VVK63,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36FP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS YANGZHOU 27/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,28-Jan-2014,GB00BJ59WW09,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ59WW0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1W,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS GOERTEK INC 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B954DG60,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B954DG6,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 49EH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD SHS KAVERI 15/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,22-May-2014,GB00BMNQZ361,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMNQZ36,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3H,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD GANSU JIU&GRP HONG12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B92C5679,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B92C567,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48MF,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS FIBERHOME 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQV868,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQV86,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB SUPA,SUNPLUS TECHNOLOGY CO LD GDR (EACH REPR 2 ORD TWD10) (144A),SUNPLUS TECHNOLOGY CO LD,SUNPLUS GDR 144,21-Dec-2007,US86764M3043,Trade Reporting only,B1VWWP0,PSM,MISC,INPE,USD,1000,US HS59,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS ANXIN TRT & INV 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B7GV5882,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7GV588,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4X,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS NEUSOFT CORP 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B97JGQ01,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97JGQ0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 82NV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS CHENZHOU CITY 22/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,29-Jan-2014,GB00BJ8RJN11,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ8RJN1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 91TS,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD HEATING OIL (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M HEAT,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2423,Trade Reporting only,B24F242,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 50YO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD HAVELLS 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,24-Jun-2014,GB00BNFXC196,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNFXC19,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 35YB,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS CHANGZHOU 23/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,23-Jan-2014,GB00BJ4GPT06,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ4GPT0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 42SG,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A HUANENG 07/03/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Mar-2012,GB00B707TF71,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B707TF7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 14UJ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS ICICI BK LD 02/11/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,09-Nov-2012,GB00B8J9MF23,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8J9MF2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61RQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS HUNAN TV&BC INT. 11/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,30-Jul-2010,GB00B5NQZX73,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5NQZX7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 47KV,HSBC BANK PLC MAW LKD ORD A SHS 23/11/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Jul-2018,GB00BG64DD19,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BG64DD1,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 45ZB,HSBC BANK PLC WL OS LIC HOUSING FINANCE LD 06/07/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,12-Jan-2011,GB00B462JP50,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B462JP5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 36ZG,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS LEAN HOGS,WISDOMTREE,ETFS HOGS,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDK89,Trade Reporting only,B16TDK8,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 45DP,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A SHS HUAWEN MEDIA INV 17/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,23-Jul-2010,GB00B676RD49,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B676RD4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 67DS,HSBC BANK PLC MRKT ACC WTS LKD TO A SHS SHC 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,24-Apr-2017,GB00BYQJ0Y20,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BYQJ0Y2,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 42ZY,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS ICICI BK 06/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,13-May-2014,GB00BMJ6CR37,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMJ6CR3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,EUR,1000,GB 33YN,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD ORD A SHS DONGXING SEC 13/02/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,27-Feb-2015,GB00BVXW3K02,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVXW3K0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 41KU,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS ULTRA TECH 29/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,02-Dec-2013,GB00BGSH2979,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSH297,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 77YT,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD TO ORD A SHS SHANGHAI 22/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,15-Jul-2010,GB00B3Q66R15,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3Q66R1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS1M,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS HUALAN BIO 06/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B96VQF64,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96VQF6,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 17HD,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS GEMDALE CORP 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B92Z8Q70,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B92Z8Q7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 41MF,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A CHENGDU XINGRONG 05/12/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,12-Dec-2013,GB00BH57PM12,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BH57PM1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 47SI,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD CHINA CYTA TOURS 23/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,05-Jan-2015,GB00BTN21J18,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTN21J1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4N,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LDK ORD A SHS SHENERGY 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B7M4HH45,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7M4HH4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12WG,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A GREAT WALL 11/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Jun-2012,GB00B8GKVK66,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8GKVK6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12CF,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS TATA 22/09/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,29-Sep-2011,GB00B5LBYF91,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5LBYF9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19AK,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS GUANGSHEN 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B8DSGS62,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8DSGS6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 76RC,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD SHS OIL& NAT GAS CORP 02/04/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,09-Apr-2015,GB00BWSW8K70,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWSW8K7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48TN,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A ORD GUA INT AIR 04/01/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2022,11-Jan-2012,GB00B79QVS29,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B79QVS2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78EH,HSBC BANK PLC WL OAS FUYAO GLASS INDS GRP 08/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,17-Aug-2010,GB00B3PS3992,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3PS399,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 76SS,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT SHANGHAI NW HUANGPU RL EST 08/04/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,15-Apr-2015,GB00BWV0H674,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWV0H67,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 60TC,DB ETC INDEX PLC DB ETC BC OIL EH ETC SECS 02/02/60,DEUTSCHE BANK,DB ETC BC EUR,02-Feb-2010,DE000A1AQGX1,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3M7DL1,MAINMARKET,CWNR,EIDW,EUR,1000,DE 17RW,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS SHENZHEN 27/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,10-Dec-2013,GB00BH4HHC65,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BH4HHC6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 85XH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS SESA STERLITE 21/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,03-Dec-2013,GB00BGSH2318,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSH231,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 95SF,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A SHS QINGHAI SALT LAKE 09/07/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,17-Jun-2011,GB00B45N2C76,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B45N2C7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB BH72,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG TO S.K. TELECOM,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML S.K.TELECOM,22-Jul-1999,ANN562707599,Trade Reporting only,5735813,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,USD,1000,ZZ 47KL,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS ZHEJIANG WEIXING 18/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,30-Dec-2014,GB00BTLK1W04,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTLK1W0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 77TX,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS CHONGQING AUTO 09/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,16-Sep-2010,GB00B3PQW963,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3PQW96,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 62NZ,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG TO NOKIA AB-A SHS,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML NOKIA'A',30-Sep-2002,QQ0057279408,Trade Reporting only,5727940,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,EUR,1000,ZZ 51CH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD RBXY LAB LTD 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,25-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8JW35,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8JW3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1C,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS INNER MONGOLIA 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B8Q9JZ45,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8Q9JZ4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB BC24,ASHPOL PLC 10% CUM PRF #1,ASHPOL PLC,ASHPOL 10%PRF,28-Jun-2002,GB0000201946,Trade Reporting only,0020194,MAINMARKET,MISL,STBL,GBX,1000,GB HS2S,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA SPACESAT 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B944D347,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B944D34,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 04LC,CITIBANK N.A. ALL ORDS IDX CITITRAK UTS,CITIBANK N.A.,CITIBK.CITI.UTS,25-Sep-2000,USY163613653,Trade Reporting only,5389834,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,GBP,1000,ZZ 46CZ,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LNK ORD A SHRS 21/12/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,27-Jan-2011,GB00B5W5X080,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5W5X08,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS4D,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS TASLY PHARM 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B8960T38,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8960T3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 59BR,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS HANGZHOU HIK 12/06/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,12-Jun-2013,GB00BBGBFK84,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BBGBFK8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS65,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD GUANGZHOU AUTO.12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B841W758,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B841W75,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB RT09,NATWEST MARKETS PLC NWM_UKRPI_PUT_E_061021_GBP_236.1,NATWEST MARKETS PLC,NWM_UKRPI_RT09,06-Oct-2011,GB00B6HYZP62,Trade Reporting only,B6HYZP6,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,GBP,1000,GB 15FU,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS CHINA CAMC 26/06/2023,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,26-Jun-2013,GB00BBP6H427,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BBP6H42,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 45SK,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A YUNNAN HONGXIAN 27/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,07-Jul-2014,GB00BNQ4M559,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNQ4M55,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 38CT,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD SOYBEANS (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M SOB,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2C00,Trade Reporting only,B24F2C0,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 63YC,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A BEIJING WANG. 20/06/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,27-Jun-2011,GB00B4Y4VG81,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4Y4VG8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46NN,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD A SHRS CSR CORP 02/03/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,09-Mar-2011,GB00B46DM372,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B46DM37,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 47HA,INVESTEC INVESTMENT TRUST PLC 5% CUM PRF STK #1,INVESTEC INVESTMENT TRUST PLC,INVESTEC 5%PF,28-Jun-2002,GB0004058433,Trade Reporting only,0405843,MAINMARKET,MISL,STBL,GBX,1000,GB 95WM,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNK OS VIETNAM E/I BNK LTD 12/01/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.19,25-Feb-2011,GB00B3V8NY83,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3V8NY8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 58VT,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD COPPER (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M COP,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F1Y54,Trade Reporting only,B24F1Y5,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 65RJ,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A ORDS BEIJING K TECH 15/01/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,26-Jan-2015,GB00BVG2SB38,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVG2SB3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 13JC,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD ORDS PENNAR INDS 02/05/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,09-May-2012,GB00B7J9RF04,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7J9RF0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,GBP,1000,GB HS0X,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS CHINA NONFRS MTL 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B76YWV91,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B76YWV9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 51GO,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD A DONGFANG 08/02/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2022,13-Feb-2012,GB00B7DB4W82,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7DB4W8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46YB,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD CHINA MERCHANTS SEC 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYK348,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYK34,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2I,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS MINMETALS DEV 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B951FH29,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B951FH2,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 48LG,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS PANGANG GRP 17/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQV751,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQV75,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 65XL,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS JMT AUTO LTD 19/09/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,27-Sep-2013,GB00BF23FR38,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF23FR3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3Y,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS ZHONGJIN GOLD 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B95PJ940,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95PJ94,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15AY,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANGHAI INT AIR 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B88RG004,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B88RG00,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5J,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS BANK OF NANJING 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B6SPWF73,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6SPWF7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 30GA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD A SHS JIANGSU 12/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Jun-2012,GB00B842WN49,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B842WN4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 96LD,HSBC BANK PLC WTS A SHS KWEICHOW MOUTAI 02/09/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,06-May-2011,GB00B66QZ424,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B66QZ42,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 63XX,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A ANHUI COAL 20/06/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,27-Jun-2011,GB00B42VY063,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B42VY06,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36TV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS KENNEDE 29/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,06-Feb-2014,GB00BJH01X55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJH01X5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 13CV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD OIL INDIA 07/07/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,16-Jul-2013,GB00BC9SFM50,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BC9SFM5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 80QE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS HCL TECH 22/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,29-Jan-2014,GB00BJ7BB947,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ7BB94,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 84MA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS BEIJING 17/09/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,24-Sep-2014,GB00BQWJH499,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQWJH49,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61SC,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A ANHUI XINHUA 22/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,02-Aug-2010,GB00B64CWJ63,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B64CWJ6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 51BS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD ASH LEY LTD 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,25-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8JZ65,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8JZ6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0N,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A YUNNAN BAIYAO 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B4L3ML00,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4L3ML0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 63MZ,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS RELIANCE INFRA 28/01/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,04-Feb-2015,GB00BVSS7Z66,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVSS7Z6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3O,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS ZHEJIANG LONGS 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B86L1212,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B86L121,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 59ZP,HSBC BANK PLC WNT LKD ORD A SHS SDIC PWR HLG 15/08/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,22-Aug-2014,GB00BQ1Y0806,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQ1Y080,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 94ZE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS SHANGHAI 03/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,21-Oct-2010,GB00B5MV1L32,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5MV1L3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 76AT,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS CHANGZHOU TRONLY 17/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,24-Mar-2015,GB00BWDPBZ75,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWDPBZ7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HID,HIDONG ESTATE PLC ORD 10P,HIDONG ESTATE PLC,HIDONG EST.,16-Apr-1996,GB0004251863,Trade Reporting only,0425186,MAINMARKET,MISL,STBL,GBX,1000,GB 60CT,HSBC BANK PLC MAW ORD A MIDEA GROUP 23/11/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,27-Nov-2018,GB00BG64D195,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BG64D19,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 43QR,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORDS A DAQIN RAILWAY 21/11/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,28-Nov-2014,GB00BSS80B28,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSS80B2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZN,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS SUGAR,WISDOMTREE,ETFS SUGAR,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDS65,Trade Reporting only,B16TDS6,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE HS0D,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A OCEANWIDE REAL 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B8KTYL18,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8KTYL1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11BH,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD ORD SHS HUATAI SEC 06/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,13-Mar-2015,GB00BWB93C25,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWB93C2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 87VR,HSBC BANK PLC MAWS LKD ORD A EAST MONEY 23/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,04-Oct-2017,GB00BZY3J132,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BZY3J13,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS1T,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS RISESUN REAL 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B955YC27,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B955YC2,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS3E,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS BEIJING URBAN 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B95Q0N81,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95Q0N8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 87AA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS PRESIDENT CHAIN ST 24/09/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,03-Oct-2014,GB00BR17GD37,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BR17GD3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48MC,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS BYD CO LTD 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVF36,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVF3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 37AP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD INDIABULLS POWER LD 23/09/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,08-Oct-2014,GB00BQY74B79,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQY74B7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS56,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS GD POWER DEV 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B8FR6C59,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8FR6C5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4U,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA ENT 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B97H5V24,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97H5V2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 74CQ,HSBC BANK PLC WNTS LKD ORD JINDAL STEEL&POWER 02/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,09-May-2014,GB00BMBN2L63,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMBN2L6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,EUR,1000,GB LKCA,LUCKY CEMENT LD GDR (EACH REPR 4 EQTY SHS) (144A),LUCKY CEMENT LIMITED,LUCKY CEM. A,08-May-2008,US5495201049,Trade Reporting only,B2R9069,PSM,MISC,INPD,USD,1000,US 32OC,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG TO 'B' HENNES & MAURITZ AB,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML HENNES&M.'B',23-Jul-1999,ANN562715345,Trade Reporting only,5736883,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,SEK,1000,ZZ HS6F,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS TIAN DI SCIENCE 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B97GF539,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97GF53,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19AR,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS SINOVEL WIND GRP 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B816ZF22,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B816ZF2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 35WN,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS ANHUI 16/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,23-Jan-2014,GB00BJ4GQ081,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ4GQ08,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 68OC,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG TO WORLD INDEX BASKET,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML WORLD IDX BT,09-Aug-1999,ANN5639A2741,Trade Reporting only,5749030,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,EUR,1000,ZZ 78KQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS BRIGHT DIARY 09/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,19-Oct-2010,GB00B3NTX721,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3NTX72,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 48FV,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD A HUA XIA BNK 06/12/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,13-Dec-2011,GB00B760GV54,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B760GV5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZD,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS GASOLINE,WISDOMTREE,ETFS GASO,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDG44,Trade Reporting only,B16TDG4,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 39EK,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORD A SHS BJNG STRG BIO 28/10/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,05-Nov-2014,GB00BRTM4D64,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BRTM4D6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 70AI,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A ZHE JIANG DAILY MEDIA 05/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,12-Jun-2014,GB00BN7PR293,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BN7PR29,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU HS1J,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS ADV TECH MATS 06/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B9715707,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B971570,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 46YS,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD FOSHAN HAITIAN FLAV FD 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYKH88,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYKH8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 94PM,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A SHS DASHANG GROUP 04/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,16-Jul-2010,GB00B59Z6N58,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B59Z6N5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS2Z,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS TAIYUAN HEAVY 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B95MYP64,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95MYP6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19SX,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD KANSAS WHEAT MICRO CLASSIC SECS,WISDOMTREE,ETFS KANSAS C,08-Jan-2013,JE00B99BG862,Trade Reporting only,B99BG86,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 46DB,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LNK UNTS MANULFE PRO FND 21/1/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,27-Jan-2011,GB00B3YFT600,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3YFT60,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS4K,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS SHANGHAI DING 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B8NWP811,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8NWP81,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 63PG,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS ADLINK TECH 03/02/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,05-Feb-2015,GB00BVTVW044,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVTVW04,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46HS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD SHS ICICI BANK LTD 05/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,12-Dec-2014,GB00BTDFP320,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDFP32,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19AH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS XI'AN SHAANGU 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B8RK2573,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8RK257,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46ME,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHRS CHN MER SEC 19/02/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.21,28-Feb-2011,GB00B4128B93,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4128B9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB TGBA,TATA CONSUMER PRODUCTS LD GDS (EACH REPR 1 INR10)(144 A),TATA CONSUMER PRODUCTS LIMITED,TATA CONS. 144A,30-Jan-2007,US8765691048,Trade Reporting only,2600152,PSM,MISC,INPE,USD,500,US 16CP,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A ZHEJIANG NHU 09/10/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,16-Oct-2013,GB00BFNY7X52,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BFNY7X5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12IE,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD HTC 11/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,18-Oct-2011,GB00B3R5TD42,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3R5TD4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 17UU,HSBC BANK PLC MAW LKD ORD GINKO 14/03/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,19-Mar-2013,GB00B9LC8146,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B9LC814,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75GM,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS TATA POWER CO LTD 25/02/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,04-Mar-2015,GB00BW1YYJ19,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BW1YYJ1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46QV,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORDS A SHS BY-HEALTH 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYKG71,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYKG7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 81KI,NATWEST MARKETS N.V ACCRETING MULT EXERCISE MIBOR FLOOR WTS,NATWEST MARKETS N.V,NATWEST ACC.WT,29-May-1998,NL0000493781,Trade Reporting only,5271492,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,EUR,1000,ZZ 36YY,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS COFFEE,WISDOMTREE,ETFS COFF,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TD974,Trade Reporting only,B16TD97,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 79GZ,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A SHS SHENZHEN 29/04/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,07-May-2015,GB00BX903W43,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BX903W4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB GASM,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD GAS OIL MICRO,WISDOMTREE,GAS OIL,02-Jan-2019,JE00B5MW7M94,Trade Reporting only,B5MW7M9,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE BF19,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG TO DEV BANK SINGAPORE,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML DEV.BK.SING.,22-Jul-1999,ANN562701899,Trade Reporting only,5735750,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,USD,1000,ZZ HS00,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A SHS CHINA BAOAN 30/11/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,07-Dec-2012,GB00B92T8H09,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B92T8H0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 31PJ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS CHINA MERCHANTS 26/03/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,26-Mar-2014,GB00BKX5BX10,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BKX5BX1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2P,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS YUNNAN YUN 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B9474T68,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B9474T6,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS31,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANGHAI CONS 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B95J6R37,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95J6R3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48LN,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS TNGKUN GRP 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVK88,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVK8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46CW,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LNK ORD A SHRS 21/12/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,27-Jan-2011,GB00B578K900,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B578K90,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS4A,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS FANDGA 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B96C7P64,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96C7P6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 76MD,HSBC BANK PLC WT JNGSU YNG BREW JNT STCK 26/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,02-Apr-2015,GB00BW4P2642,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BW4P264,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS62,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD CNHTC JINAN 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B9289T63,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B9289T6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67MI,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS CADILA HEALTHCARE 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,26-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8K192,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8K19,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 69ZQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS GLAX PHAR 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,23-Jun-2014,GB00BNFXBX43,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNFXBX4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 38CQ,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD NICKEL (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M NICK,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2860,Trade Reporting only,B24F286,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 50ZH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD NAT. HYDRO 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,24-Jun-2014,GB00BNFXC311,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNFXC31,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61NX,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A CHINA NAT CHEM 23/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,11-Aug-2010,GB00B3VRRB05,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3VRRB0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 12HZ,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD CHINATRUST 11/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,18-Oct-2011,GB00B71G8T06,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B71G8T0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 93MC,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS POWER FINANCE CORP 21/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,03-Dec-2013,GB00BGSH2755,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSH275,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 43PS,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORDS A CHINA LIFE INSR 20/11/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,28-Nov-2014,GB00BSS80D42,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSS80D4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75KT,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS AMARA RAJA BATTRS 03/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,10-Mar-2015,GB00BW9H6D02,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BW9H6D0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 34PX,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG TO ASSICURANI GENERALI,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML CALL ASS.GEN,23-Mar-2001,ANN562868052,Trade Reporting only,7080470,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,EUR,1000,ZZ HS0U,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS SUNING UNI 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B8VXRF73,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8VXRF7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2F,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS INNER MONGOLIAN 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B954MG93,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B954MG9,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 45IZ,HSBC BANK PLC WL OAS TCL CORP 09/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,01-Sep-2010,GB00B3PFZN86,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3PFZN8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 10LH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD A SHS GUANGZHOU FRND 11/08/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,18-Aug-2011,GB00B56G5901,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B56G590,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3V,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS GUIZHOU PANJIANG 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B8VXPV91,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8VXPV9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS47,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS SHANGHAI DAT 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B963MK96,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B963MK9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19TT,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD BS SHANGHAI ZHENHUA 04/01/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,11-Jan-2013,GB00B984NS50,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B984NS5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5G,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA MERCHANTS 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B8S0FX53,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8S0FX5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 89PK,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD SHS CAIRN 09/10/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,15-Oct-2013,GB00BFLRCX18,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BFLRCX1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 81AQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS YUNNAN 04/09/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,11-Sep-2013,GB00BCZRTT12,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BCZRTT1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75YI,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD ORD A SHS TCL CORP 13/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,20-Mar-2015,GB00BWD1TP11,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWD1TP1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 38AV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS AXIS BK LD 06/07/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,06-Jul-2012,GB00B84YGM76,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B84YGM7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 70NI,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A SHENZHEN MTC CO LTD 05/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,12-Jun-2014,GB00BN7PR186,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BN7PR18,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 63XU,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A JOINTOWN PHARMA 20/06/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,27-Jun-2011,GB00B56CG847,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B56CG84,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11SO,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS MEGASTUDY 04/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,21-Oct-2011,GB00B590JN16,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B590JN1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 79EU,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD SHS DR. REDDY'S LAB 28/04/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,06-May-2015,GB00BX7RGF16,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BX7RGF1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 13IU,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD SINOHYDRO GRP 12/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Jun-2012,GB00B612S025,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B612S02,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 70ZM,HSBC BANK PLC MAWS LKD ORD A MLS CO 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,31-May-2017,GB00BZ30JR15,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BZ30JR1,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS0K,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A SHANDONG DONG-E 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B933R852,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B933R85,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 62TE,HSBC BANK PLC MKT ACC WTS LKD EMEI SHAN 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,22-Mar-2017,GB00BF2CQN39,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF2CQN3,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS3L,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD SICHUAN HONGDA 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B8XDVV95,Fixed interest 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PLC WTS LKD ORD HSIL 24/09/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,07-Oct-2014,GB00BR17N876,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BR17N87,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZK,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS SILVER,WISDOMTREE,ETFS SILVER,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDP35,Trade Reporting only,B16TDP3,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 45DT,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD AO ZHEIJIANG CHINA CP 04/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.WTS09,20-Jul-2010,GB00B5M28596,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5M2859,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 70AP,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A JISHI MEDIA CO 05/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,12-Jun-2014,GB00BN7PR301,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BN7PR30,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU HS0A,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A SHENZHEN KAIFA TECH 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B91T5366,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B91T536,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 90SH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS DABUR INDIA 21/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,03-Dec-2013,GB00BGSH2649,Fixed interest 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WRTS LKD A SHS HAINAN ZHENGHE 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B97J4P52,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97J4P5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4R,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANGHAI LUJIA 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B96MKS09,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96MKS0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS6C,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS WESTERN SECS 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B97GD484,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97GD48,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 17LY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD NAN YA PLASTICS 28/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,07-Jan-2013,GB00B8DDCM77,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8DDCM7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 45MW,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS MAX INDIA 18/07/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,24-Jul-2014,GB00BP8RXZ32,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BP8RXZ3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19AO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS CHINA XD 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 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36ZA,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS CORN,WISDOMTREE,ETFS CORN,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDC06,Trade Reporting only,B16TDC0,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 87SD,AMER GROUP HOLDING COMPANY S.A.E GDR (EACH REPR 200 ORD) (144A),AMER GROUP HOLDING COMPANY S.A.E,AMER GRP 144A,06-Oct-2017,US0235111087,Trade Reporting only,BD97NV4,ATT,MISC,INAD,USD,1000,ZZ 67DM,HSBC BANK PLC MRKT ACC WTS LKD TO ORD SHS HPG 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,24-Apr-2017,GB00BDHSYN86,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BDHSYN8,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 34TK,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD AUROBINDO LTD 21/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,28-May-2014,GB00BMSKVV34,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMSKVV3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1G,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS JIZHONG 06/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B992S492,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B992S49,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 90TN,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS BHARTI INFRATEL 22/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,04-Dec-2013,GB00BGSHG395,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSHG39,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 94PJ,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A SHS CITIC GUON INF IND 04/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,16-Jul-2010,GB00B5N6QB24,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5N6QB2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS38,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS ZHEJIANG MED 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B95D2Q68,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95D2Q6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2W,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANGHAI AERO 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B8MJKM21,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8MJKM2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 68BQ,HSBC BANK PLC MAWS LKD ORD SHS VIETNAM DAIRY 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 20,12-May-2017,GB00BDVK9S05,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BDVK9S0,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS4H,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS OFFSHORE OIL 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B8XZP466,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8XZP46,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS69,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS BEIJING ZHONGKE 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B97GC858,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97GC85,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67MP,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS CUMMINS INDIA 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,26-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8K200,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8K20,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 10OZ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD B CHINA MERC. 30/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,09-Jan-2015,GB00BV0MCF16,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BV0MCF1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78BA,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD AS SHENZHEN 04/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,26-Jul-2010,GB00B60FGB96,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B60FGB9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 19AE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS CHINA ERZHONG 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B8C2SF03,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8C2SF0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15FY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS HUADONG MED 26/06/2023,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,26-Jun-2013,GB00BBP6H310,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BBP6H31,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12IB,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD MEDIA TEK 11/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,18-Oct-2011,GB00B71J9R43,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B71J9R4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 63CU,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD ACHINA PET&CHEM CORP06/01/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,13-Jan-2012,GB00B4ZY1M30,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4ZY1M3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 58VX,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD GASOLINE (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M GAS,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2209,Trade Reporting only,B24F220,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 67BR,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS A POLY REAL EST 25/09/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,30-Sep-2013,GB00BF313N86,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF313N8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19MI,HSBC BANK PLC MKT ACC WTS LKD HCL TECH 06/02/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,05-Feb-2013,GB00B974FK27,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B974FK2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61XC,HSBC BANK PLC WL OS LARGAN PRECISION CO LD 17/08/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,08-Sep-2010,GB00B59ML204,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B59ML20,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS2M,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS JIANGNAN HEAVY 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B940RF21,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B940RF2,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB LGFM,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD LONGER DATED GAS OIL MICRO,WISDOMTREE,LONGERD GAS OIL,02-Jan-2019,JE00B6TQQT14,Trade Reporting only,B6TQQT1,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 43AK,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS NTPC LTD 06/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,13-May-2014,GB00BMH4K977,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMH4K97,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75SN,HSBC BANK PLC WTS PETROVIETNAM & CHEMICAL JSC 01/04/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,20-Sep-2011,GB00B6Z5ZG21,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6Z5ZG2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 44VQ,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS SNOWMAN 12/09/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.,19-Sep-2014,GB00BQT48888,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQT4888,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 77IT,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LNK ORDS VOLT LTD 11/04/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,20-Apr-2015,GB00BVYV1R98,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVYV1R9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78CG,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS JIANGSU 04/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,27-Jul-2010,GB00B5MN3L37,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5MN3L3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 91VY,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD NATURAL GAS (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M N GS,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2753,Trade Reporting only,B24F275,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 43PP,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORDS A POLY REAL ESTATE 21/11/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,28-Nov-2014,GB00BSS80566,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSS8056,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 16IE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD HUATAI-PINE 05/09/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,10-Sep-2012,GB00B7MWK352,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7MWK35,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 34OE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS TIANJIN 15/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,15-Jan-2014,GB00BJ05QG51,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ05QG5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 41GY,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS TATA STEEL 29/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,02-Dec-2013,GB00BGSH2201,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSH220,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB CGVA,CG POWER & INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS LD GDR (EACH REPR 5 ORD INR2)(RULE 144A),CG POWER AND INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED,CG POWER IS 4A,20-Mar-2017,US12536P1021,Trade Reporting only,BYPZRH3,PSM,MISC,INPD,USD,1000,US 10ID,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD HWIN TECH CORP 26/07/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,01-Aug-2011,GB00B41DSG77,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B41DSG7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0R,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS SHANTUI CNSTR 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B8GGRW80,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8GGRW8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2C,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS SHANXI SECS 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B7WD8H83,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7WD8H8,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS3S,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINESE UNIVERSE 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B71HM355,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B71HM35,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15AS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS SHANGHAI 08/08/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,15-Aug-2013,GB00BCZTCW14,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BCZTCW1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5D,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS XI' AN AERO-ENG 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B880P024,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B880P02,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 30FZ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD A SHS ZHEJIANG 12/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Jun-2012,GB00B85PSW39,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B85PSW3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 79SQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS NINGBO 24/04/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,08-May-2015,GB00BX3JGT55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BX3JGT5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11MJ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS SIMPLO TECH 06/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,13-Jun-2012,GB00B8L1VJ30,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8L1VJ3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 93QG,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS OMAXE 30/10/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,06-Nov-2013,GB00BG48JH10,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BG48JH1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZR,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS GERON 29/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,06-Feb-2014,GB00BJH02547,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJH0254,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 14ZG,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD OSWAL 07/08/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,14-Aug-2013,GB00BCZQR728,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BCZQR72,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75NH,HSBC BANK PLC MANS LKD TO ORD SHS 08/07/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,06-Jul-2017,XS1645232098,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF7LP49,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 67FO,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS TIN MICRO SECURITY,WISDOMTREE,ETFS TIN,16-Nov-2009,JE00B2QY0D21,Trade Reporting only,B2QY0D2,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE HS0H,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A TANGSHAN JIDONG 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B8RKNT80,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8RKNT8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 96XB,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD ANHUI CONCH CEM. 13/10/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,29-Jun-2011,GB00B4MTM393,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4MTM39,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1X,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS BEIJING ORIENT 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B9582S35,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B9582S3,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS3I,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD JIANGXI HONGDU 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B92F5F52,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B92F5F5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48MG,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS GUANGZHOU 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQV975,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQV97,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4Y,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SUZHOU NEW 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B97RT651,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97RT65,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15BY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS JIANGLING 09/08/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,16-Aug-2013,GB00BCZW8006,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BCZW800,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67QC,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS SUN TV NETWORK 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,23-Jun-2014,GB00BNFXBW36,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNFXBW3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 80JR,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS DIVI'S LAB 22/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,29-Jan-2014,GB00BJ7BB723,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ7BB72,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 85XS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS BNK BARODA 21/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,03-Dec-2013,GB00BGSH1Z66,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSH1Z6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46OD,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG TO SAMSUNG ELEC PFD,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML SAM ELEC PFD,28-Jul-1999,ANN562717572,Trade Reporting only,5739923,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,USD,1000,ZZ 61QB,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A COFCO TUNHE 08/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,12-Aug-2010,GB00B5QGYV59,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5QGYV5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 45ZC,HSBC BANK PLC WL OS INDUSLND BANK LD 19/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,12-Jan-2011,GB00B3NRYJ57,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3NRYJ5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 34PA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS GUANGDONG 15/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,15-Jan-2014,GB00BJ05QK97,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ05QK9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZH,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS LIVE CATTLE,WISDOMTREE,ETFS 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Only),BJ7BB49,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4O,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANGHAI AJ CORP 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B96RDC01,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96RDC0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12WH,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A YANTAI JEREH 11/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Jun-2012,GB00B8GKQ909,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8GKQ90,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46EV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS A KWEICHOW MOUTAI 04/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,11-Dec-2014,GB00BTC31W87,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTC31W8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 62AG,HSBC BANK PLC MAWS LKD ORD A SHENZHEN 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,13-Mar-2017,GB00BF0BYJ46,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF0BYJ4,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 19AL,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS ZHENGZHOU 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B8DDD917,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8DDD91,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 05LC,CITIBANK N.A. KUALA LUMPUR SE COMP IDX CITITRAK UTS,CITIBANK N.A.,CITIBK.KUALA LU,25-Sep-2000,USY163614073,Trade Reporting only,5389856,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,GBP,1000,ZZ 15GA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS GUANGHUI EGY 26/06/2023,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,26-Jun-2013,GB00BBP6H864,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BBP6H86,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 47EK,HSBC BANK PLC WL O A SHS LIUZHOU LAOJIAOL 03/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,25-Oct-2010,GB00B5NT3983,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5NT398,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 61OG,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHENZHEN GAS CORP 23/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,11-Aug-2010,GB00B3Q9TC66,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3Q9TC6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 13DL,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A CHONGQING MEI 20/09/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Sep-2012,GB00B829KN32,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B829KN3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 91FK,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS CONTAINER CORP 22/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,04-Dec-2013,GB00BGSHG288,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSHG28,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 77TY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS BEIJING YANGJING 03/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,16-Sep-2010,GB00B5M7DV59,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5M7DV5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 17CI,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS SOOCHOW 06/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,12-Nov-2013,GB00BGCZK377,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGCZK37,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1D,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANXI TAIGANG 06/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B98VKX09,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B98VKX0,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS2T,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANXI LANHUA 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B943FB34,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B943FB3,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS4E,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS SHANXI COAL 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B8GK6P65,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8GK6P6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS66,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS ANHUI GUJING 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B973QW88,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B973QW8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15FV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD SHANGHAI METERS.26/06/2023,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,26-Jun-2013,GB00BBP6H534,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BBP6H53,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 38CU,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD SUGAR (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M SUG,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2D17,Trade Reporting only,B24F2D1,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 15IW,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD SHS QUANTA 17/10/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,23-Oct-2012,GB00B87PM073,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B87PM07,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 58VU,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD CORN (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M COR,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F1Z61,Trade Reporting only,B24F1Z6,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 32HF,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD ING VYSYA 12/12/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,19-Dec-2013,GB00BH7XXP67,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BH7XXP6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46WR,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD SHANXI TAIGANG STAINLES 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYK678,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYK67,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 73FC,HSBC BANK PLC MRKT ACC WTS LKD ORD SHS 18/06/2020,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC. BK. 20,21-Jun-2017,GB00BF3NK110,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF3NK11,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS0Y,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS XI'AN AIRCRAFT 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B8BZLY03,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8BZLY0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2J,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS HISENSE ELEC 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B946V252,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B946V25,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 48LH,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS ZHE JUHUA 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVN10,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVN1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3Z,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS YUNNAN CHIHONG 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B95J3385,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95J338,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 85QR,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD SHS NAVER CORP 12/09/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,26-Sep-2014,GB00BQT42089,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQT4208,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 71ZP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD HI TECH CORP 03/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,09-Jun-2014,GB00BMSK1F70,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMSK1F7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 78AS,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD AS DONGFENG AUTOMOBILE 17/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,26-Jul-2010,GB00B637S279,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B637S27,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 01QC,RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE SECS NO.10 PLC RESIDUAL CERTS 10/08/39 (REG S),RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE SECURITIES 10 PLC,RES.MORT.RES'S',04-Jul-2002,XS0128636759,Trade Reporting only,3042991,MAINMARKET,MISL,FSLL,GBP,1000,GB 63XY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A YANTAI CHANGYU 20/06/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,27-Jun-2011,GB00B4LMV540,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4LMV54,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 10XP,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A CHINA UTD 22/11/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,28-Nov-2011,GB00B79M5Z51,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B79M5Z5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 14WM,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS BK NINGBO 07/11/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Nov-2012,GB00B8BBD311,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8BBD31,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 46TG,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD CHINESE UNI PUB & MEDIA 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYKD41,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYKD4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 71QC,HSBC BANK PLC MKT ACESS WRNTS ORD A SHR 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 20,09-Jun-2017,GB00BF2NXQ83,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF2NXQ8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 45FS,HSBC BANK PLC WL OA SHS HENAN SHUANGHUI INV 11/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,10-Aug-2010,GB00B6513Z51,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6513Z5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS0O,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS HONG YUAN 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B8BLND10,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8BLND1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3P,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS NINGBO YUNSHENG 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B8FQGC29,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8FQGC2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5A,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANGHAI SHIMAO 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B8HP4N41,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8HP4N4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 94ZF,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS CHINA EVER 19/08/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,21-Oct-2010,GB00B561H332,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B561H33,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 46MZ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS A LIZVON PHARMA 04/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,15-Dec-2014,GB00BTC31V70,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTC31V7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 80MZ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS GODREJ CONSMRS 22/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,29-Jan-2014,GB00BJ7BB830,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ7BB83,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZO,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS WHEAT,WISDOMTREE,ETFS WHEAT,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDT72,Trade Reporting only,B16TDT7,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE HS0E,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A LIAONING HUAJIN 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B890PM32,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B890PM3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61ZL,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS APOLLO HOSPITALS 31/07/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,06-Aug-2013,GB00BCRYKP32,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BCRYKP3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1U,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS CHENZHOU MINING 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B951S399,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B951S39,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS3F,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS ZHEJIANG HISUN 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B95MLD30,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95MLD3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75RV,HSBC BANK PLC MRKT ACS WRNT LKD DUE 06/07/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,10-Jul-2017,GB00BF1Y2433,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF1Y243,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,ZZ 48MD,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS MEIHUA 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVB97,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVB9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 69ST,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS FUTURE LIFESTYLE 06/10/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,14-Oct-2013,GB00BFLQH664,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BFLQH66,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4V,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS QINGDAO HAIER 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B97JNC57,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97JNC5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS57,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHENGDU DR PENG 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B8GN0R55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8GN0R5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB FEDA,FEDERAL BANK LD (THE) GDR (EACH REPR 1 ORD) (144A),FEDERAL BANK LIMITED (THE),FEDERAL BK A,30-Jan-2006,US3131621092,Trade Reporting only,B0JRGF8,PSM,MISC,INPD,USD,2500,US HS6G,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS BESTV NEW MEDIA 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B97GF752,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97GF75,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19AS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS SDIC XINJI ENRGY 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B807VJ23,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B807VJ2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 85UO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS NANJING 18/09/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,26-Sep-2013,GB00BDZRGH51,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BDZRGH5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 70OI,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD SHS 12/08/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,19-Aug-2014,GB00BQ15VB33,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQ15VB3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 38HX,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS VA TECH WABAG LD,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,16-Oct-2014,GB00BRJG1V50,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BRJG1V5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZE,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS GOLD,WISDOMTREE,ETFS GOLD,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDH50,Trade Reporting only,B16TDH5,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 87SH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS ORACLE FIN SERV 22/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,04-Dec-2013,GB00BGSHFZ41,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSHFZ4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 86BS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD SHARDA,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,01-Oct-2014,GB00BQZJ4N42,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQZJ4N4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1K,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA RES 06/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B96SPF03,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96SPF0,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 46YT,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORD SHS JAIPRAKASH ASS 02/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,17-Dec-2014,GB00BTFRCQ84,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTFRCQ8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 94PN,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A SHS YOUNGOR GROUP 04/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,16-Jul-2010,GB00B5MNRW29,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5MNRW2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 19SY,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD KANSAS WHEAT MICRO LNGR DATED SECS,WISDOMTREE,ETFS KANSAS L,08-Jan-2013,JE00B93KRR51,Trade Reporting only,B93KRR5,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 46DC,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LNK ORD A SHRS 18/1/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,27-Jan-2011,GB00B457DN71,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B457DN7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS4L,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS SHANGHAI 3F 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B8Y9YT55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8Y9YT5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 73KF,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD HDFC LTD 23/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,29-May-2014,GB00BMW3QC42,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMW3QC4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67MT,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS YES BNK 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,26-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8K317,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8K31,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19AI,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS FOUNDER SECS 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B8GPB454,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8GPB45,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 41BF,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS STATE BANK INDIA 04/11/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,11-Nov-2014,GB00BSJCQX75,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSJCQX7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB LTTG,LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORP GDR (REPR 10 ORD TWD10)(144A),LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION,LITE-ON GDR 144,27-Jul-2007,US5367594000,Trade Reporting only,3316715,PSM,MISC,INPD,USD,500,US 60CA,HSBC BANK PLC WNTS LNKD ORD SHS 12/08/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,21-Aug-2014,GB00BQ15V917,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQ15V91,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 47LZ,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORD SHS SUZLON ENERGY 19/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,30-Dec-2014,GB00BTLK2505,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTLK250,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 51CF,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD BHA FOR LTD 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,25-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8K085,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8K08,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36DI,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS GUIRENNIAO 24/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,27-Jan-2014,GB00BJ59WH57,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ59WH5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS01,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A CSG HOLDING CO 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B91M2B24,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B91M2B2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46WY,HSBC BANK PLC WRT BEIJING JINGENG POWER 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYK561,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYK56,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1A,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS CHANGJIANG SECS 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B8W0JN95,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8W0JN9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2Q,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS TSINGHUA TONG 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B948RC34,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B948RC3,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 48LO,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS HAIN CHINA 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVG43,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVG4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46CX,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LNK ORD A SHRS 21/12/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,27-Jan-2011,GB00B560JT08,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B560JT0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS4B,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS KANGMEI 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B968X450,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B968X45,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 35PX,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG TO VODAFONE AIRTOUCH,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML CALL VOD.AIR,23-Mar-2001,ANN562848187,Trade Reporting only,7080414,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,GBX,1000,ZZ 59BP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS HENAN SH INV&DEV 12/06/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,12-Jun-2013,GB00BBGBFD18,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BBGBFD1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS63,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD CHINA FIBER GLASS 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B92DL519,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B92DL51,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 50XX,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD PETRONET 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,24-Jun-2014,GB00BNFXC089,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNFXC08,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 38CR,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD SILVER (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M SILV,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2977,Trade Reporting only,B24F297,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 61NY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A INNER MONGOLIA 23/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,11-Aug-2010,GB00B68SG434,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B68SG43,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 63YA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A CHINA SOUTH PUBL 20/06/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,27-Jun-2011,GB00B3ZYM231,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3ZYM23,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 84JH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS MIDEA 23/09/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,23-Sep-2013,GB00BDZDGN91,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BDZDGN9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 45WZ,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS CEAT 24/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,30-Jun-2014,GB00BNHLCK07,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNHLCK0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 70TV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS REL CAP 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,23-Jun-2014,GB00BNFXBY59,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNFXBY5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 58VR,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD ALUMINIUM (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M ALU,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F1W31,Trade Reporting only,B24F1W3,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 15OV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD/A ORDS GUANGDONG GWRLD 09/05/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,16-May-2012,GB00B83K6H17,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B83K6H1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75MF,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS BRITANNIA IND 03/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,10-Mar-2015,GB00BW9HM874,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BW9HM87,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0V,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS BOE TECH GRP 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B8HKWD55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8HKWD5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 76IY,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD LKD A GUOYUAN SEC 25/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 25,01-Apr-2015,GB00BWK1XV87,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWK1XV8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 96AN,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD SHS GF SEC 02/03/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,22-Mar-2011,GB00B43VYM77,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B43VYM7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2G,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANDONG IRON 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B9512591,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B951259,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS3W,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS JINLIN JI EN NIC 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B8782Y03,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8782Y0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5H,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS DATONG COAL 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B82TL300,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B82TL30,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 81AR,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS BYD CO 04/09/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,11-Sep-2013,GB00BCZRRF36,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BCZRRF3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 63XV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A JIHUA GROUP CORP 20/06/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,27-Jun-2011,GB00B53TZ038,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B53TZ03,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 82YY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD INOX WIND 22/05/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,29-May-2015,GB00BY9D0R41,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BY9D0R4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 43NY,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS TEXMACO RAIL&ENG 19/11/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,26-Nov-2014,GB00BSPPTY29,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSPPTY2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61SA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A CHINA INT TRAVEL 22/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,02-Aug-2010,GB00B67PV068,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B67PV06,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 11SP,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS GAMEVIL 04/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,21-Oct-2011,GB00B4MDN619,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4MDN61,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB RIFA,RELIANCE INFRASTRUCTURE LD GDR (EACH REPR 3 SHS INR10)(144 A),RELIANCE INFRASTRUCTURE LD,RELIANCE INF A,26-Jan-2007,US75945E1091,Trade Reporting only,3289709,PSM,MISC,INPE,USD,5000,US 13KG,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS BEIJING WKW 16/08/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,23-Aug-2012,GB00B6SRQ176,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6SRQ17,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 99ZO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD ORD A SH AISINO 28/10/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,04-Nov-2011,GB00B6062W59,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6062W5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0L,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A XCMG CONS 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B7MYPJ23,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7MYPJ2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12SE,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD PENNAR 10/05/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,10-May-2012,GB00B7LXSM43,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7LXSM4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,EUR,1000,GB HS3M,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA FORTUNE 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B8W3J057,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8W3J05,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19TK,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS SRF 02/01/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,09-Jan-2013,GB00B9GRH398,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B9GRH39,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 17ME,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD CASTROL 04/12/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,09-Dec-2013,GB00BH3WPC83,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BH3WPC8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 94UQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD OAS HUAYU AUTO 09/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,26-Aug-2010,GB00B6949D02,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6949D0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 10PP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A HUNAN MENDALE 27/07/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,03-Aug-2011,GB00B53YPL99,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B53YPL9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75ZP,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT MIANYANG FULIN PREC MACH 17/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,23-Mar-2015,GB00BWDBLP55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWDBLP5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 60CR,HSBC BANK PLC MAW ORD A WUXI LITTLE SWAN 22/11/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,27-Nov-2018,GB00BG64CZ63,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BG64CZ6,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB SBXA,SUBEX LD GDR (EACH REPR 1 ORD INR10.00)(144A),SUBEX LIMITED,SUBEX A,09-Mar-2007,US86428R4002,Trade Reporting only,B1SW402,PSM,MISC,INPE,USD,500,US 36ZL,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS SOYABEAN OIL,WISDOMTREE,ETFS SOYA,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDQ42,Trade Reporting only,B16TDQ4,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 38MQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD ORDS MSTAR 11/07/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,16-Jul-2012,GB00B8JBLR36,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8JBLR3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67FI,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS A INNER MONGOLIA 25/09/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,30-Sep-2013,GB00BF313M79,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF313M7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0B,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A CHINA MERCHANTS 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B8VXZY21,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8VXZY2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11ZX,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS COL-PALM IND 17/11/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,24-Nov-2011,GB00B6X62F52,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6X62F5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1R,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS ZHEJIANG TIA 06/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B96RQ766,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96RQ76,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS3C,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS GUANGXI WUZHOU 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B95D6202,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95D620,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48MA,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS WEIFU 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVH59,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVH5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 49FS,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A ORDS SAIC MTR CO 14/08/2023,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,21-Aug-2013,GB00BD02R945,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BD02R94,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS54,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS TIBET URBAN 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B97S0214,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97S021,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4S,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS HARBIN PHARM 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B96NV245,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96NV24,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS6D,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS HUADIAN POWER 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B97GDC60,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97GDC6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 17LZ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS ANHUI USTC 26/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,07-Jan-2013,GB00B8XZT005,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8XZT00,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 79SA,HSBC BANK PLC MRKT ACC WNTS LKD TO ORD A SHS 23/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,21-Aug-2017,GB00BD2NDG43,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BD2NDG4,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 19AP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS SOOCHOW SECS 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B83Z5N59,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B83Z5N5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75AS,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS CHONGQING C AUTO 10/02/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,17-Feb-2015,GB00BVG7GL43,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVG7GL4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ SAUA,STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA LD GDR (EACH REPR 15 SHS OF INR10)(144 A),STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA LD,STEEL AUTH.GDR,17-Jan-2007,US8580551062,Trade Reporting only,3327104,PSM,MISC,INPD,USD,500,US BKMA,BANKMUSCAT (S.A.O.G) GDR (EACH REPR 4 COM STK) (144A),BANKMUSCAT (S.A.O.G.),BANKMUSCAT 144A,05-Oct-2005,US0637461015,Trade Reporting only,B0LMHT2,MAINMARKET,MISL,ADPL,USD,1000,US 78KO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS BEIQI FOTON 02/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,19-Oct-2010,GB00B5TR8798,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5TR879,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 65QI,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A ORDS SPRING AIRLINE 16/01/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,26-Jan-2015,GB00BVG2SD51,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVG2SD5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZB,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS COTTON,WISDOMTREE,ETFS COTTON,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDD13,Trade Reporting only,B16TDD1,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 43RV,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS BHARAT ELECTRONIC 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,26-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8K648,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8K64,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78QQ,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD A SHS LAO FENG XIANG 21/04/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,28-Apr-2015,GB00BWY56T57,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWY56T5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46XA,HSBC BANK PLC WRT BEIJING XINWEI TELECOM TECH 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYK454,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYK45,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1H,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS YUNNAN TIN 06/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B973DR23,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B973DR2,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 12TA,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD JOEONE 09/05/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,15-May-2012,GB00B58T1226,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B58T122,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2X,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS XIAMEN C & D 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B8W2R318,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8W2R31,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 83FI,JP MORGAN CHASE & CO 15 YR CMS SPRD CERTS 20/04/21,JPMORGAN CHASE & CO,JP MORGAN. 21,16-Feb-2007,USU0742L8890,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B1RR6N5,MAINMARKET,CWNR,NIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS4I,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS YONYOU 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B7D26M51,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7D26M5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5Y,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD CHINA SHIP. 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GDS(EACH REPR 3 ORD EGP5)(144A),EZZ STEEL COMPANY - S.A.E.,AL EZZ GDS 4A,25-Mar-2011,US26934Q1085,Trade Reporting only,2439668,MAINMARKET,MISC,ADRN,USD,1000,US 74JM,CITIBANK N.A. 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interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSH242,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 79GN,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD SHS ENGINEERS 28/08/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.23,04-Sep-2013,GB00BD67ML00,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BD67ML0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0S,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS NORTHEAST SECS 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B8DSFZ64,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8DSFZ6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2D,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS SHIJIAZHUANG 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B83PWP67,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B83PWP6,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 45IX,HSBC BANK PLC WL OAS GANSU YASHENG IND 08/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,01-Sep-2010,GB00B3KQJY51,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3KQJY5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS3T,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS BEIJING CAP DEV 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B87XXM08,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B87XXM0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5E,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANGHAI ZHANG 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B8H38G92,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8H38G9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15ZG,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD B SHS ANHUI GUJING DIST 22/08/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Aug-2012,GB00B8N3HJ99,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8N3HJ9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48OC,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A WEICHAI 20/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,28-Dec-2011,GB00B4X5PG07,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4X5PG0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 17ML,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD CHINA CNR CORP.13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B95D5Z64,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95D5Z6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 55IH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A HANGZHOU 04/09/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,18-Sep-2014,GB00BQSBZK14,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQSBZK1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75WV,HSBC BANK PLC MKT ACC WTS TO LKD ORD A SHS 06/07/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,13-Jul-2017,GB00BF2DCJ48,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF2DCJ4,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 79SR,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS JIANGSU 24/04/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,08-May-2015,GB00BX3JNY91,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BX3JNY9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 50AI,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD IDFC 17/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,27-May-2014,GB00BMPHDX32,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMPHDX3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11MK,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS CHINA COMMS 06/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,13-Jun-2012,GB00B8L1WM34,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8L1WM3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15JW,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD SH KALPAT. 17/10/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,25-Oct-2012,GB00B79V2K60,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B79V2K6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS CHINA WAFER 29/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,06-Feb-2014,GB00BJH04Y77,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJH04Y7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 13KD,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS MASTERWORK 16/08/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,23-Aug-2012,GB00B82BSD56,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B82BSD5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67FP,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS PLATINUM MICRO SECURITY,WISDOMTREE,ETFS PLATINUM,16-Nov-2009,JE00B2QY0766,Trade Reporting only,B2QY076,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE HS0I,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A FINANCIAL ST HLDGS 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B7GLFP53,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7GLFP5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1Y,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS SHENZHEN HEPALINK 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B957C242,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B957C24,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS3J,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD SHANGHAI ZHEN 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B928NN88,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B928NN8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 80CA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS ACC LTD 22/01/2024,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,29-Jan-2014,GB00BJ7BB509,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ7BB50,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4Z,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS LIAONING CHENG 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B97QGQ10,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97QGQ1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB RT10,NATWEST MARKETS PLC NWM_UKRPI_CALL_E_061021_GBP_236.1,NATWEST MARKETS PLC,NWM_UKRPI_RT10,06-Oct-2011,GB00B6HYZN49,Trade Reporting only,B6HYZN4,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,GBP,1000,GB 45RQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS QINGDAO HAIER CO 02/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,09-Dec-2014,GB00BSTK4N72,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSTK4N7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 77RD,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORD SHS HINDUSTAN ZINC 16/04/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,23-Apr-2015,GB00BWX5X736,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWX5X73,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 10YP,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD SHS TITAN INDS 07/07/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,02-Dec-2011,GB00B43TD689,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B43TD68,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 06LC,CITIBANK N.A. HANG SENG IDX CITITRAK UTS,CITIBANK N.A.,CITIBANK HANG U,25-Sep-2000,USY163613737,Trade Reporting only,5389889,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,GBP,1000,ZZ 63DH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD KT&G CORP 21/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,16-Jan-2012,GB00B6VGYC88,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6VGYC8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 14UL,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS LARSEN & TOUBRO 02/11/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,09-Nov-2012,GB00B8RBL971,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8RBL97,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 10EO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD ADANI PORTS&SECO ZN 05/06/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,17-Jun-2013,GB00BBH8D158,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BBH8D15,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZI,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS NATURAL GAS,WISDOMTREE,ETFS NAT,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDM04,Trade Reporting only,B16TDM0,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 45DR,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A SHS TIANJIN FAW XIALI 17/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,23-Jul-2010,GB00B5ZS5191,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5ZS519,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 77YV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD TO ORD A HELIONGJIANG 04/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,15-Jul-2010,GB00B5TZNZ60,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5TZNZ6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS1O,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS MESNAC CO LTD 06/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B96JVS84,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96JVS8,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS20,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS HANGZHOU HIK-VSN 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B8FNW366,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8FNW36,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 68BY,HSBC BANK PLC MAWS LKD ORD A SHS HAM AUTO 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 20,12-May-2017,GB00BDVK9V34,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BDVK9V3,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS4P,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SHANGHAI CHENG 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B96S1296,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96S129,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75TA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD BHARAT HEAVY 13/09/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,20-Sep-2011,GB00B6Z3CP45,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6Z3CP4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12WI,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A HENGYI PETRO 11/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Jun-2012,GB00B87Y3G70,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B87Y3G7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 82NN,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS SHANXI COAL IND 22/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,29-Jan-2014,GB00BJ8RJM04,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ8RJM0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15BP,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS IL&FS TRANS NETS 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B9703406,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B970340,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,EUR,1000,GB HS6A,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS ZHEJIANG DAHUA 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B97GCB88,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97GCB8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15GB,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS HENAN DAYOU 26/06/2023,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,26-Jun-2013,GB00BBP6H971,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BBP6H97,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78EJ,HSBC BANK PLC WL OAS SICHUAN SWELLFUN 08/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,17-Aug-2010,GB00B3M3FY61,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3M3FY6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 80KY,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS COAL INDIA 02/11/2020,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2020,13-Jul-2011,GB00B564VQ35,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B564VQ3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 85XJ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS SIEMENS 21/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,03-Dec-2013,GB00BGSH2193,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSH219,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 63BM,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A ORDS BEJING CADP 20/01/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,28-Jan-2015,GB00BVGBXW68,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVGBXW6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 13DM,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS OPTO CIRCUITS 20/09/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Sep-2012,GB00B8GFLB25,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8GFLB2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78KL,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS GD MIDEA 03/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,18-Oct-2010,GB00B5YJCK14,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5YJCK1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ BH74,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV PUT SPD KO WTS RLTG ORD & PFD VW AG,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML VW ORD&PFD,10-Sep-1999,ANN562711872,Trade Reporting only,5771561,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,EUR,1000,ZZ HS1E,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS YUNNAN COPPER 06/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B98WW828,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B98WW82,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 49DU,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS LUTHAI TXTILE 30/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,06-Jan-2015,GB00BTZ0DM04,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTZ0DM0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS36,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS GUANGDONG SHEN 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B95DLZ84,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95DLZ8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2U,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA RAIL 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B9480N58,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B9480N5,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 12UN,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORD SHS PHUOC HOA 24/05/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,31-May-2012,GB00B86R5C78,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B86R5C7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4F,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD XIAMEN TUNG.12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B8HQVZ88,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8HQVZ8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS67,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SEALAND SECS 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B97GBZ57,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97GBZ5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67MN,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS IPCA LABS 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,26-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8K424,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8K42,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 14KT,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD STX PAN OCEAN 17/08/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,07-Sep-2012,GB00B88W9Y09,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B88W9Y0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 38CV,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD WHEAT (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M WHT,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2F31,Trade Reporting only,B24F2F3,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 46NP,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD A SHRS SAN HEA CO 02/03/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,09-Mar-2011,GB00B3V8PF35,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3V8PF3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 79AS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS CAMEL 23/04/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,30-Apr-2015,GB00BX1CC765,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BX1CC76,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67UA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS PIN AN INS 23/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,23-Jun-2014,GB00BNFXBT07,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNFXBT0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 58VV,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD COTTON (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M COT,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2084,Trade Reporting only,B24F208,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 43PX,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORDS A CHINA PACIFC INS 20/11/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,28-Nov-2014,GB00BSS80C35,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSS80C3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46TR,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD BEIJING ENLIGHT MEDIA 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYKC34,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYKC3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB CEIA,COMPAL ELECTRONICS INC GDS (EACH REPR 5 SHS) (144A),COMPAL ELECTRONICS INC,COMPAL 144A,23-Dec-2009,US20440Y3099,Trade Reporting only,B4WHHC7,ATT,MISC,INAD,USD,1000,US 47NE,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS DAZHONG TRANS 19/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,30-Dec-2014,GB00BTLK2273,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTLK227,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0Z,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS XINXING DUCTILE 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B8W03261,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8W0326,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2K,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA RES 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B9447Q57,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B9447Q5,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 48LI,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS CHONG TUN 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVP34,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVP3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11GP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS ADANI PTS&SPEC EZ 18/05/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,25-May-2012,GB00B8G10R92,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8G10R9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12AC,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS SHENZHEN 21/11/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,29-Nov-2011,GB00B71SM055,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B71SM05,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78CE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS XINJIANG 11/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,27-Jul-2010,GB00B3MWB566,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3MWB56,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 40EB,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS A SHANXI HMAO CKG 30/10/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,07-Nov-2014,GB00BSD9B734,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSD9B73,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 91VW,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD LEAN HOGS (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M HOG,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2530,Trade Reporting only,B24F253,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 50AP,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORD SHS DLF 06/01/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,13-Jan-2015,GB00BV8C4T18,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BV8C4T1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 10UP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD HCL INFOSYSTEMS 17/08/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,25-Aug-2011,GB00B3YYWC47,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3YYWC4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 63XZ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A NINGBO PORT CO 20/06/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,27-Jun-2011,GB00B4LG6Z11,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4LG6Z1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 33RO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS CRDT ANLYS&RSRCH 02/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,16-May-2014,GB00BMJJQP82,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMJJQP8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78JW,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD TO A SHS HUATAI SECS CO 07/07/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,15-Oct-2010,GB00B3VSSM18,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3VSSM1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 72GU,FISHGUARD & ROSSLARE RLYS & HBRS CO 3 1/2% GTD PRF STK,FISHGUARD & ROSSLARE RAILWAYS & HARBOURS COMPANY,FISH&ROSS3 1/2%,28-Jun-2002,GB0003401261,Trade Reporting only,0340126,MAINMARKET,MISL,STBL,GBP,1000,GB 46RW,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORDS A SHS HEILAN HOME 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYKF64,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYKF6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 45FT,HSBC BANK PLC WL OA SHS SICHAUN NEW HOPE 11/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,10-Aug-2010,GB00B608DF12,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B608DF1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS0P,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS JILIN AODONG 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B84SP556,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B84SP55,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 59VA,HSBC BANK PLC WNT LKD ORD SHS BHT HVY ELCT LD 19/08/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,26-Aug-2014,GB00BQ3FVV19,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQ3FVV1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 76IS,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT INNER MONGOLIA YILI IND 25/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 25,01-Apr-2015,GB00BWK23Y49,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWK23Y4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61ZW,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS CHANGHONG 09/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,20-Oct-2010,GB00B3PFL290,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3PFL29,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS2A,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS SICHUAN KELUN 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B956F007,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B956F00,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 65XD,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS JAMMU&KASHMIR BK 19/09/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,27-Sep-2013,GB00BF23J604,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF23J60,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3Q,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SOUTHWEST SECS 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B839V176,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B839V17,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS42,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SINOCHEM INT 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B95N7943,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95N794,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5B,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS JILIN YATAI 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B8BDCS57,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8BDCS5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75TR,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD ORDS CHUNGWA TEL 13/09/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,21-Sep-2011,GB00B6TP1K46,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6TP1K4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 30FX,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD A SHS SHAGHAI 12/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Jun-2012,GB00B8BV1J33,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8BV1J3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61HG,WALSIN LIHWA CORPORATION GDR (EACH REPR 10 SHS) (144A),WALSIN LIHWA CORPORATION,WALSIN 144A,10-Nov-2010,US9331331002,Trade Reporting only,B3M2220,ATT,MISC,INAD,USD,1000,US 48SQ,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD BRENT CRUDE MICRO,WISDOMTREE,ETFS BRENT,06-Jan-2012,JE00B75GVD18,Trade Reporting only,B75GVD1,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 63AN,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHRS SFP CO 04/03/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,14-Mar-2011,GB00B4LNG630,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4LNG63,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 70TF,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS TORR PHAR 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 24,23-Jun-2014,GB00BNFXBZ66,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNFXBZ6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 71OI,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD SHS 08/08/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,19-Aug-2014,GB00BPZ5D727,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BPZ5D72,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 36ZP,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS ZINC,WISDOMTREE,ETFS ZINC,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDV94,Trade Reporting only,B16TDV9,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 16MJ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS SIASUN 23/10/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,28-Oct-2013,GB00BDZT7564,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BDZT756,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 71SZ,HSBC BANK PLC MKT ACESS WRNTS ORD A SHR 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 20,13-Jun-2017,GB00BF2NXP76,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF2NXP7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0F,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A SHENZHEN ZHONGJIN 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B7V76T93,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7V76T9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1V,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS XINJIANG GLDWD 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B956KW77,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B956KW7,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 49EG,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD SHS POWER GRID 15/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,22-May-2014,GB00BMNQPH05,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMNQPH0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3G,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD JIANGSU HENGRUI 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B92FQS55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B92FQS5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48ME,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS FUJIAN 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVC05,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVC0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 68CA,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD SHS 29/07/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,05-Aug-2014,GB00BP852498,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BP85249,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 19TE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD B SHS CHONGQING 21/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,03-Jan-2013,GB00B97RLG97,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97RLG9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS58,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS NTH CHINA PHARM 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B7QHYZ60,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7QHYZ6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS4W,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SANAN OPTO 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B97HR052,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97HR05,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS6H,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SDIC POWER HOL 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B97GFD18,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97GFD1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 80GO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS ASIAN PAINTS 22/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,29-Jan-2014,GB00BJ7BB616,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ7BB61,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 62ZB,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS GREE APP 03/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,18-Oct-2010,GB00B5NY4232,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5NY423,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 19AT,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS PINGDINGSHAN 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B6VL2Q36,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6VL2Q3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 91TR,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD GOLD (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M GOL,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2316,Trade Reporting only,B24F231,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 70MY,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A GUANGDONG ADVERT 05/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,12-Jun-2014,GB00BN7PQZ54,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BN7PQZ5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 46LA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD IND & COM BK CHINA 05/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,12-Dec-2014,GB00BTDFP544,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDFP54,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 70OJ,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD A SHS 12/08/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,19-Aug-2014,GB00BQ15VC40,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQ15VC4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 85XQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS RELIANCE COMM 21/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,03-Dec-2013,GB00BGSH2B97,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSH2B9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 35YA,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS BEIJING 23/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,23-Jan-2014,GB00BJ4GPP67,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ4GPP6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61RP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS WANXIANG QIANCHAO 11/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,30-Jul-2010,GB00B63R2D61,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B63R2D6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 10BK,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD SHS GREAT EAST.SHIP 13/10/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,23-Oct-2013,GB00BFRT5B02,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BFRT5B0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 23BS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD/A SHS NARI TECH 16/05/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-May-2012,GB00B7WMQY82,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7WMQY8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 65QM,CREDIT ANDORRA PREFERENCE LD SER A CMS LKD NON-CUM PERP GTD PRF EUR,CREDIT ANDORRA PREFERENCE LTD,CREDIT AND. A,23-Dec-2005,XS0238428584,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B0VNM45,PSM,CWNU,NIOU,EUR,1000,BE 36ZF,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS HEATING OIL,WISDOMTREE,ETFS HEAT,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDJ74,Trade Reporting only,B16TDJ7,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 45DO,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A ORDS PING AIC CHINA 26/11/2024,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,03-Dec-2014,GB00BSVYN965,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSVYN96,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 50NP,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORD A SHS DAQIN RAILWAY 09/01/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,16-Jan-2015,GB00BVB33X81,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVB33X8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1L,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS ZHEJIANG NHU 06/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B96TJS47,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96TJS4,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 17HC,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS TATA MOTORS 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B8DZST27,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8DZST2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19SZ,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD SOYBEAN MEAL MICRO CLASSIC SECS,WISDOMTREE,ETFS SOYBEAN C,08-Jan-2013,JE00B99BGC07,Trade Reporting only,B99BGC0,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE HS4M,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS SHANGHAI WANYE14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B8QY1M06,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8QY1M0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 80DD,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS ASIAN PAINT LD 17/05/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. WRNTS,25-May-2011,GB00B4QTGQ62,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4QTGQ6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,US 45LB,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS C&S 28/11/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,05-Dec-2014,GB00BSZM1D62,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSZM1D6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19AJ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS WESTERN MING 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B8DZLD71,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8DZLD7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 47BH,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD JIANGU TRANS RESRCH INS 15/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,22-Dec-2014,GB00BTHH5673,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTHH567,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48TM,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A ORD CHINA PWR CO 04/01/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2022,11-Jan-2012,GB00B7C45589,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7C4558,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78EG,HSBC BANK PLC WL OAS QINGDAO HAIER CO 08/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,17-Aug-2010,GB00B5Q3YH24,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5Q3YH2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 18JX,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS CHIPBOND TECH CORP 21/11/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,26-Nov-2012,GB00B92BG729,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B92BG72,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 17RV,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS BEIJING 04/12/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,10-Dec-2013,GB00BH4HHT33,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BH4HHT3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 16BB,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD ORDS PHU NHUAN JEWELRY 29/08/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,06-Sep-2012,GB00B8BVNL91,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8BVNL9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 95SE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD ASHS CHINA SHIPBUILDING 03/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,17-Jun-2011,GB00B578FW80,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B578FW8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61OE,HSBC BANK PLC WT LKD ORD A LIUZHOU IRON&STEEL 23/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,11-Aug-2010,GB00B3VF6B79,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3VF6B7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 79ZM,HSBC BANK PLC MRKET ACCESS NTS 17/08/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,24-Aug-2017,GB00BF0QV546,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF0QV54,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,ZZ 47NL,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD ORD ZHEJIANG LONGSHENG 23/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,31-Dec-2014,GB00BTLWXW03,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTLWXW0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 42ZN,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS NIIT LTD 29/04/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,07-May-2014,GB00BM4P6396,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BM4P639,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1B,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS YUNNAN ALUMINIUM 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B7SV5755,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7SV575,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2R,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SINOLINK SECS 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B944J922,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B944J92,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 50QG,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ZHENGZHOU YUTONG BUS 13/01/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,19-Jan-2015,GB00BVC3DQ02,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVC3DQ0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46CY,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LNK ORD A SHRS 21/12/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,27-Jan-2011,GB00B5KZMJ29,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5KZMJ2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS4C,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS CHINA RAIL. 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B8Q6G989,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8Q6G98,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5S,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD IND. SECS CO. 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B7H2QS76,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7H2QS7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS64,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD CHINA NAT.CHEM. 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B92D7B91,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B92D7B9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 14KQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD YGSOFT 31/08/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,07-Sep-2012,GB00B7W89J24,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7W89J2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15FT,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS GUANGDONG ELEC 26/06/2023,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,26-Jun-2013,GB00BBP6H203,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BBP6H20,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 45SJ,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A DALIAN REFRIG 01/07/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,07-Jul-2014,GB00BNG6BM11,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG6BM1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 38CS,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD SOYBEAN OIL (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M SOI,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F2B92,Trade Reporting only,B24F2B9,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 63YB,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A YONGHUI SUPER 20/06/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,27-Jun-2011,GB00B4KSQM53,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4KSQM5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 09OE,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG SHS OVERSEA-CHINESE BK,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML O'SEA CH.BK.,29-Jul-1999,ANN562701550,Trade Reporting only,5741069,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,USD,1000,ZZ 43OE,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORDS A TASLY PHARMA GRP 21/11/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,28-Nov-2014,GB00BSS80780,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSS8078,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 58VS,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD FORWARD COFFEE (MICRO SECURITIES),WISDOMTREE,ETFS FWD M COF,10-Oct-2007,JE00B24F1X48,Trade Reporting only,B24F1X4,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 15OW,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD/A ORDS SHANDONG 09/05/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,16-May-2012,GB00B79M0M77,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B79M0M7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 71QK,HSBC BANK PLC MKT ACESS WRNTS ORD A SHR 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 20,13-Jun-2017,GB00BF2NXM46,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF2NXM4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0W,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS GUOYUAN SECS 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B87FDX76,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B87FDX7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2H,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA STHN AIR 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B94ZXM64,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B94ZXM6,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 52YS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS KUAIJISHAN 20/08/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,27-Aug-2014,GB00BQ5BPN76,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BQ5BPN7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 38QH,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD ORDS GLAXO SMITHKLINE 06/07/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,13-Jul-2012,GB00B8DWC802,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8DWC80,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3X,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD BAOJI TITANIUM 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B90RQX80,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B90RQX8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5I,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS GEM-YEAR IND 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B86M8F65,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B86M8F6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46HA,INVESTEC INVESTMENT TRUST PLC 3 1/2% CUM PRF STK,INVESTEC INVESTMENT TRUST PLC,INVESTEC 3H%PF,28-Jun-2002,GB0004057468,Trade Reporting only,0405746,MAINMARKET,MISL,STBL,GBP,1000,GB 76QM,CENTRICA PLC SUB RESET FXD RTE NTS 10/04/75,CENTRICA PLC,CENTRICA 75,13-Apr-2015,XS1216019585,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWCC449,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,GBP,1000,ZZ 94CL,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD SINOTRANS AIR 20/02/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,27-Feb-2014,GB00BK019382,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BK01938,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 63XW,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A RONGSHENG PETRO 20/06/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,27-Jun-2011,GB00B54H6J20,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B54H6J2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 34JN,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS BOE TECH GRP 06/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,13-Jun-2014,GB00BN7ZX092,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BN7ZX09,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11RA,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD LONG AN FOOD CO 13/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,20-Oct-2011,GB00B71M2Y11,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B71M2Y1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 38GZ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A CHINA CONS. 21/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Jun-2012,GB00B7M5Y658,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7M5Y65,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 61SB,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A VV FOOD&BEV CO 22/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,02-Aug-2010,GB00B692TM38,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B692TM3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 11SQ,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS DONGBU 04/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,21-Oct-2011,GB00B708F291,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B708F29,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 51AB,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD CROMPTON GREVS 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,24-Jun-2014,GB00BNFXC535,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNFXC53,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 13IW,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD JIANSU PHOE. 12/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Jun-2012,GB00B7K4LC97,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7K4LC9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0M,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A GUANGXI LIUGONG 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B8RFLV10,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8RFLV1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3N,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS YANGQUAN COAL 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B7TH1413,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7TH141,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 72SV,HSBC BANK PLC MRKT ACC WTS LKD ORD A SHS 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC. BK. 20,16-Jun-2017,GB00BYW5MT32,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BYW5MT3,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 39OB,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG TO TELEFONICA ESPANA,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML TELE.ESPANA,21-Jul-1999,ANN562703382,Trade Reporting only,5735084,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,EUR,1000,ZZ 94UR,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD OAS ORIENT GRP INC 09/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,26-Aug-2010,GB00B3PGLJ95,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3PGLJ9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 70NA,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A SHAANXI COAL IND 05/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,12-Jun-2014,GB00BN7PQV17,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BN7PQV1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 75ZQ,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD SHANGHAI ELEC PWR 16/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,23-Mar-2015,GB00BWDBF209,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWDBF20,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12NJ,BARCLAYS BANK PLC IL WRT 23/03/22,BARCLAYS BANK PLC,BARCLAYS 22,23-Mar-2012,GB00B7CY1H21,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7CY1H2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 45CF,HSBC BANK PLC MAWS LKD ORD A ZHEJIANG DAHUA 23/11/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.21,29-Jun-2018,GB00BG64D641,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BG64D64,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 51CX,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD TATA CHEM LTD 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,25-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8JY58,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8JY5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZM,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS SOYABEAN,WISDOMTREE,ETFS SOY,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDR58,Trade Reporting only,B16TDR5,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 43SB,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORDS A SDIC PWR HLDGS 21/11/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,28-Nov-2014,GB00BSS80905,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSS8090,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0C,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A CHINA INT MARINE 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B91X7093,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B91X709,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 94OF,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS BEIJING GEHUA 02/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,02-Sep-2010,GB00B5LFP477,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5LFP47,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS1S,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS HUOLINHE 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B9503S64,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B9503S6,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS3D,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS GUANGHUI ENERGY 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B95LBB84,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B95LBB8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48MB,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS PNG DA AUT CO 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVD12,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVD1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19TB,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD SOYBEAN MEAL MICRO LNGR DATED SECS,WISDOMTREE,ETFS SOYBEAN L,08-Jan-2013,JE00B93PLP62,Trade Reporting only,B93PLP6,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE HS4T,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS SICHUAN CHUANTOU 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,27-Dec-2012,GB00B96KT104,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96KT10,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS55,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS LUXIN VENTURE 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B8CW9464,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8CW946,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 74CP,HSBC BANK PLC WNTS LKD ORD SHS SHREN & CO LTD 23/07/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,30-Jul-2014,GB00BPCX2N87,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BPCX2N8,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 16SI,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS CHINA EASTERN AIR 19/10/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,26-Oct-2012,GB00B8KJG151,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8KJG15,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS6E,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS WINTIME ENERGY 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B97GDF91,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B97GDF9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 45MY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A ANHUI AUTO 02/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,14-Oct-2010,GB00B5L1YP92,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5L1YP9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 64KS,HSBC BANK PLC MKT ACC WTS LKD A SHS SANAN 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,10-Apr-2017,GB00BF2SNX08,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF2SNX0,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 42MA,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD A SHS ZOOMLION 24/02/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2022,02-Mar-2012,GB00B7D4CP64,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7D4CP6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 19AQ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS CHINA FIRST 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B833ZF13,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B833ZF1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 48FU,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD AIRTAC 06/12/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,13-Dec-2011,GB00B7790J79,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7790J7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 36ZC,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS CRUDE,WISDOMTREE,ETFSCRUDE,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TDF37,Trade Reporting only,B16TDF3,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 87SF,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS MOTHERSON SUMI 22/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,04-Dec-2013,GB00BGSHG064,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGSHG06,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB OCPA,ORCHID PHARMA LIMITED GDR (EACH REPR 1 ORD OF INR10)(144A),ORCHID PHARMA LIMITED,ORCH.PHARMA.A,28-Oct-2005,US68572Y1001,Trade Reporting only,B168ZR6,ATT,MISC,INAD,USD,2500,DE 46XB,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD CHINA RAILWAY GRP 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYK231,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYK23,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1I,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS TAIYUAN COAL 06/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,14-Dec-2012,GB00B96TTZ12,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B96TTZ1,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 41MB,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A CHINA MINMETALS 05/12/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,12-Dec-2013,GB00BH57PL05,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BH57PL0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12TB,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD YUNNAN 09/05/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,15-May-2012,GB00B4N8GT92,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4N8GT9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 42FT,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS INFOSYS 15/02/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2022,23-Feb-2012,GB00B768VR04,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B768VR0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2Y,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS CHINA SPORTS IND 12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,19-Dec-2012,GB00B89L0C13,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B89L0C1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 51IP,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS GUANGDONG 25/06/45,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 45,02-Jul-2014,GB00BNK06R99,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNK06R9,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46DA,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LNK UNTS PRU FUND 1 21/01/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 21,27-Jan-2011,GB00B45R2F25,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B45R2F2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ HS4J,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS HENAN 14/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,24-Dec-2012,GB00B8XW2688,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8XW268,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 32QX,TELECOM EGYPT S.A.E GDS(EACH REPR 5 ORDS EGP10) (144A),TELECOM EGYPT S.A.E.,TELECOM EGYPT,14-Dec-2005,US87927T1034,Trade Reporting only,B0T2L14,MAINMARKET,MISL,ADPL,USD,1000,US 19AG,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS PACIFIC SECS 20/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,02-Jan-2013,GB00B8RLC052,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8RLC05,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 12ID,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD FORMOSA PLSTC 11/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,18-Oct-2011,GB00B5228374,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B522837,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 33QM,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS WNDRLND HOLDS LTD 08/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,16-May-2014,GB00BMJ6NX69,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMJ6NX6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 43LK,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A SHS YONGHUI 27/02/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,06-Mar-2014,GB00BK6MMY75,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BK6MMY7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 13DG,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD TECHNO ELEC/ENG 19/09/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,26-Sep-2012,GB00B7G80959,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7G8095,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB UBLA,UNITED BANK LD GDR (EACH REPR 4 EQTY SHS) (144A),UNITED BANK LIMITED,UTD.BK (144A),25-Jun-2007,US90953P1021,Trade Reporting only,B1Z53C9,PSM,MISC,INPD,USD,500,US 46QU,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD HUAYI BRO MEDIA CORP 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYK892,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYK89,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB AXBA,AXIS BANK LD GDR EACH REPR 5 EQTY SHS(144A),AXIS BANK LIMITED,AXIS BANK 144A,10-Aug-2007,US05462W3079,Trade Reporting only,B06CDY4,PSM,MISC,INPE,USD,2500,US 36YX,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS ALUMINUM,WISDOMTREE,ETFS ALUM,27-Sep-2006,GB00B16TD867,Trade Reporting only,B16TD86,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE 46VG,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD WANXIANG QIANCHAO 09/12/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,16-Dec-2014,GB00BTDYK785,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BTDYK78,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2O,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS TBEA CO LTD 12/12/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,18-Dec-2012,GB00B9444084,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B944408,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 48LM,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD A SHS BBMG CORP 15/12/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,22-Dec-2011,GB00B7FQVJ73,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7FQVJ7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 82LM,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS NESTLE INDIA 22/01/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,29-Jan-2014,GB00BJ7BBB61,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BJ7BBB6,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46CV,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LNK ORD A SHRS 21/12/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,27-Jan-2011,GB00B5W15550,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5W1555,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 76MC,HSBC BANK PLC WT JNGSU JIN TNG LNG FLUID MACH 26/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,02-Apr-2015,GB00BWNH0Q74,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWNH0Q7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS61,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORD JINDUICHENG MOLY.12/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,20-Dec-2012,GB00B4W5GJ15,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4W5GJ1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 17MW,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS HEFEI DEPT 09/01/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,14-Jan-2013,GB00B8KRL360,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8KRL36,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 51MW,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORD A SHS CHINA MER BK 28/08/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,03-Sep-2013,GB00BD64F239,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BD64F23,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11IE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A SHS CHINA CNR 02/02/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,09-Feb-2012,GB00B6Y1YW03,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B6Y1YW0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 46HH,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORD SHRS LG 26/01/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.21,14-Feb-2011,GB00B63SV541,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B63SV54,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 75XB,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS WUHAN DEPT 11/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,18-Mar-2015,GB00BWC4YM32,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BWC4YM3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 78CI,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ZHENGZHOU 11/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,27-Jul-2010,GB00B3LF0T35,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B3LF0T3,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 94YE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD DELTA ELEC 31/08/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.20,12-Oct-2010,GB00B639FF54,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B639FF5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 67QY,HSBC BANK PLC WL ORD A GUANGDONG ALPHA ANI 05/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.24,12-Jun-2014,GB00BN7PQY48,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BN7PQY4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,LU 12HY,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD KINSUS TECH 11/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,18-Oct-2011,GB00B71G4S19,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B71G4S1,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 51AI,HSBC BANK PLC WRNT LKD ORD SHS SUN PHARMA IND 30/01/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,06-Feb-2015,GB00BVV29Q09,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVV29Q0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 11UI,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS INDIAN BANK 18/10/2021,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2021,25-Oct-2011,GB00B761Y143,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B761Y14,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 51BY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD APLO TYS LTD 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,25-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8JX42,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8JX4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB PESA,PRESS CORPORATION PLC GDR (REPR 20 ORD MWK)(144A),PRESS CORPORATION PLC,PRESS CP GDR 4A,20-Jul-1998,US74111E2090,Trade Reporting only,2274342,PSM,MISC,INPE,USD,1000,US 75MD,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS GUJARAT PIPAVAV P 03/03/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 25,10-Mar-2015,GB00BW9HCL06,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BW9HCL0,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 33XU,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORD A SHS HUNDSUN TECH 12/02/25,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.25,26-Feb-2015,GB00BVXLF349,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BVXLF34,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS0T,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A SHS HEBEI IRON &STEEL 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,12-Dec-2012,GB00B84Z9542,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B84Z954,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS2E,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS SHANGHAI INT AIR 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B955D699,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B955D69,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 45IY,HSBC BANK PLC WL OAS TSINGTAO BREW CO 03/06/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,01-Sep-2010,GB00B5M2BH21,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5M2BH2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,ZZ 13NP,HSBC BANK PLC WRNTS LKD ORDS KS OILS 11/04/2022,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 2022,18-Apr-2012,GB00B7HKG587,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B7HKG58,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS3U,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS GEMDALE CORP 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B82Q1Q44,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B82Q1Q4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 43AC,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD ORDS YES BNK 06/05/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,13-May-2014,GB00BMJ6CT50,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BMJ6CT5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,EUR,1000,GB 19TS,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD BS SHANGHAI JINQIAO 04/01/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,11-Jan-2013,GB00B4VVB732,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4VVB73,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS5F,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS KAILUAN ENERGY 19/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,28-Dec-2012,GB00B5LZYT55,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B5LZYT5,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 72UN,HSBC BANK PLC MRKT ACC WTS LKD ORD A SHS 20/11/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC. BK. 20,16-Jun-2017,GB00BYW5MW60,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BYW5MW6,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB 84CY,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD A ORDS CHINA MINSHENG 15/11/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,22-Nov-2013,GB00BGLP0J40,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BGLP0J4,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 15GW,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORDS LARGAN PRECISION 26/07/23,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 23,02-Aug-2013,GB00BCLYF651,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BCLYF65,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 63XT,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD A CHINA HAIN 20/06/21,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK 21,27-Jun-2011,GB00B4PM4177,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B4PM417,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 33PX,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV CALL WTS RLTG TO FTSE 100 INDEX,MERRILL LYNCH INTERNATIONAL & CO CV,ML CALL FTSE100,23-Mar-2001,ANN562868136,Trade Reporting only,7080469,MAINMARKET,MISC,MWTS,GBX,1000,ZZ 79YU,HSBC BANK PLC MRKET ACCESS NTS 17/08/20,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 20,24-Aug-2017,GB00BF0QV322,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BF0QV32,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,ZZ 43PH,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD ORDS A SAIC MOTOR CORP 21/11/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,28-Nov-2014,GB00BSS80673,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BSS8067,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 51BO,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD ORD STEEL AUTH IND 18/06/24,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 24,25-Jun-2014,GB00BNG8JV28,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),BNG8JV2,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB POSE,POWERCHIP TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION GDS (EACH REPR 10 TWD10)(144A),POWERCHIP TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION,PWR.TECH.144A,28-Sep-2012,US73931M7222,Trade Reporting only,B7M6RV4,ATT,MISC,INAE,USD,500,US 13KE,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LKD B SHS CHINA INTL MARINE 16/08/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,23-Aug-2012,GB00B8HW3W70,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8HW3W7,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 67FQ,WISDOMTREE COMMODITY SECURITIES LTD ETFS COCOA MICRO SECURITY,WISDOMTREE,ETFS COCOA,16-Nov-2009,JE00B2QXZD43,Trade Reporting only,B2QXZD4,MAINMARKET,MISC,MISC,USD,1000,JE HS0J,HSBC BANK PLC WTS ORD A HUBEI YIHUA CHEMICAL 05/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK.22,10-Dec-2012,GB00B8HNB937,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8HNB93,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB 38OJ,HSBC BANK PLC WTS LNKD ORDS BANSWARA SYNTEX 29/06/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,09-Jul-2012,GB00B8N4J304,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8N4J30,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB HS1Z,HSBC BANK PLC WRT LKD A SHS NAVINFO 07/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,17-Dec-2012,GB00B956VJ14,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B956VJ1,MAINMARKET,CRTR,UIDR,USD,1000,GB HS3K,HSBC BANK PLC WRTS LKD A SHS HUAFA IND 13/12/22,HSBC BANK PLC,HSBC BK. 22,21-Dec-2012,GB00B8CKN590,Fixed interest (Trade reporting Only),B8CKN59,MAINMARKET,CWTR,UIDW,USD,1000,GB